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Tuna Steak with Sesame Sauce

Recipe Tuna Steak with Sesame Sauce


Season both sides of raw tuna block with plenty of salt and pepper.

Chop off the root of mizuna (pot herb mustard) and wash well with water. Cut into 3-4cm(1.2-1.5 inch)lengths. Soak in cold water until crisp. Then thoroughly drain.

Chop off the root of shimeji mushrooms and separate into smaller clusters. Cut maitake (hen-of-the-woods) mushrooms into smaller pieces easy to eat.

Combine all ingredients of and mix well. Depending on the thickness of the white sesame paste, the could be too thick. If the sauce is too thick, thin by using some dashi stock which is not listed in the ingredients.

Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Saute maitake and shimeji mushrooms and season with salt and pepper. Remove mushrooms from the pan.

Add the remaining olive oil in the frying pan. Place tuna blocks and evenly brown both sides over medium heat. Remove from the pan and cut into 7-8mm(0.25-0.3 inch) thick slices. Serve with sauted maitake and shimeji mushrooms. Pour over it.

Rice Cooked with Spring Vegetables

Recipe Rice Cooked with Spring Vegetables

Enjoy the beautiful colors of spring

Wash rice and drain.

Cut canned bamboo shoots into bite size slices.

Peel onions and julienne.

Remove stem of shiitake mushroom; separate shank and top portion; wipe off dirt. Shred shank lengthwise and julienne top portion.

Step 4

Cut pork into 1.5 cm(0.6 inch) squares and soak in seasoning ingredients. Remove pork from sauce just before cooking; keep sauce separately.

Wipe konbu seaweed with tightly squeezed cloth.

Mix omelet strip ingredients well.

Put rice and seasoning into rice cooker and add seasoned dashi broth until regular level. Add bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms, pork , konbu seaweed and turn on rice cooker.

Step 1

While rice is cooking, remove peas from pod and wash briskly in water. Boil in salted water. When ready drain in strainer.

Step 2

While rice is cooking prepare omelet strips. Put little oil in frying pan, pour in beaten eggs, spread evenly and turn over. Remove quickly and let cool. Cut into thin slices.

Step 3

When rice is cooked, leave for 10 to 15 mins. Remove konbu seaweed and mix with rice paddle. Place in dish, garnish with omelet strips and sprinkle green peas.

Step 4

Minced Chicken and Egg Sushi Roll

Recipe Minced Chicken and Egg Sushi Roll

The minced chicken rice is already flavorful so there is no need to dip in sauce.

Place ground chicken in a saucepan with ingredients for the and mix well. Cook over low medium heat while stirring with 4-5 saibashi (long cooking chopsticks). When color of chicken changes, add the and further stir until sauce is mostly absorbed.

Step 1

Beat eggs and combine all the ingredients for the and mix well. Lightly grease the square omelette pan. Pour in 1/3 of the egg mixture. While stirring with chopsticks, slide it toward the far end of the pan. Grease empty space in the pan. Pour in half of the remaining egg mixture also below the cooked egg on the far end. Then roll egg toward front of the pan. Slide the roll to the far end of the pan. Repeat with the remaining egg mixture making a bigger roll. When done, place the rolled omelette on a makisu (bamboo rolling mat). Roll to shape evenly. Let it cool and cut vertically into four strips.

Cut cucumber diagonally into 3-4mm(0.1-0.15 inch) slices. Then further cut into thin strips.

Mix rice with minced chicken.

Step 1

Place a sheet of nori seaweed over makisu (bamboo rolling mat) with the shiny side facing down. Take 1/4 portion of minced chicken rice and evenly spread over nori seaweed leaving 3cm(1.2 inch) wide space empty on the far end.

Step 2

Place 1/4 of denbu (sweet pink fish powder), a strip of rolled omelette and cucumber on top of the rice toward the closer end.

Step 3

While holding the ingredients in place with your fingers, roll up the makisu mat all the way. Hold the roll with both hands over the makisu mat and shape evenly. Make three more rolls in the same way.

Step 4

Cut the roll into slices easy to eat and arrange on serving plate.

Curry-Flavored Rice Patties with Corned Beef

Recipe Curry-Flavored Rice Patties with Corned Beef

Rice patties that offer a good match of curry flavor with raisons and fukujinzuke pickles.

Flake the corned beef to make . Peel potato and carrot and slice them into thin quarter-rounds. Squeeze fukujinzuke (thinly sliced pickled vegetables that invariably accompany Japanese curry rice) to remove excess moisture. Wave the sheet of nori seaweed lightly over the flame on both sides and cut into 6-8 rectangles.

Step 1

Stir-fry flaked corned-beef in a frying pan until tender. Add onion, potato and carrot slices and stir-fry together. Add water and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat a little and simmer for 5-6 minutes. Blend in the store-bought curry roux and curry powder. Turn off the heat when it’s thickened.

Step 2

Mix curry prepared in step (2) with cooked rice. Form into 6-8 patties, pressing together firmly.

Place rice patties in a thinly greased frying-pan and top with raisins and fukujinzuke. Brown both sides. Wrap with a belt of nori seaweed.

Step 4

Egg & Chicken Bowl

Recipe Egg & Chicken Bowl


Lightly mix 4 eggs and 2ggs separately.

Cut chicken into bite size pieces.

Slice onions into 1 cm(0.4 inch) strips; then cut into halves.

Peel carrot and cut lengthwise into 2 to 4 slices; then cut into crescent shapes

Wash burdock with scrub brush in running water; slice into a?a?a??a??; soak in water to remove scum.

Remove hard portion of stem of fresh shiitake mushroom; Cut stem and top portion. Cut stem lengthwise and slice top portion.

Cut off stem of scallion and slice diagonally. Soak in water.

Bring seasoned dashi broth to boil; add chicken, onions, carrot, burdock, mushroom and simmer in medium heat until ingredients become soft.

Add scallions spreading them evenly.

Pour mixed eggs in circles and mix gently with chopsticks. When eggs are half cooked pour remaining eggs around the pan. Turn off heat and cover pan with lid. Leave for 1 minute.

Put rice into large bowl and place chicken and egg over. Sprinkle seasoned red chili pepper or Japanese pepper. Serve with pickles on separate dish.

Scattered Sushi with Sashimi Topping

Recipe Scattered Sushi with Sashimi Topping


Wash rice and drain in a sieve more than 30 minutes before cooking. Transfer rinsed rice to rice cooker. Wipe konbu kelp lightly with a well-wrung damp cloth and place on top of rice. Pour water following the machine’s standard measure for cooking sushi rice and cook. Remove the kelp when cooked.

Combine sweetened vinegar and lemon juice.

Combine and mix .

Lighly rinse raw tuna in salt water, wrap in kitchen paper and remove excess moisture. Cut into 1 cm(0.4 inch) cubes.

Remove shell of northern shrimps, lightly rinse in salt water.

Rinse scallops, remove excess water, and cut evenly into 2-4 pieces.

Cut cucumber into thin slices. Rub with a little salt. Let it sit for 10 minutes. After water is discharged from cucumbers, lightly rinse in water and wring out excess water.

Cut off the root of kaiwarena (radish sprouts), and cut into three equal lengths.

Put 1 tablespoon of sweetened vinegar in the handai (large wooden sushi bowl) and let it spread evenly. Transfer hot rice to handai. Pour the rest of the sweetened vinegar over rice and let it sit for 1 minute to absorb vinegar. Mix rice in a slicing motion using shamoji (flat wooden spoon) and let it quickly cool. Mix cucumber slices with rice.

Step 1

Place sushi rice in a dish, sprinkle shredded seaweed and kaiwarena, then place tuna, shrimps and scallops on top. Top with salmon eggs. Garnish with sweet-vinegared ginger. Pour some if you like.

SPAM Sushi

Recipe SPAM Sushi


To prepare for , wash rice and drain in a sieve. Transfer rice to the rice cooker. Wipe konbu kelp with a well-wrung damp cloth to clean. Place kelp on top of the rice. Add water following the machine’s standard amount for cooking sushi rice. Switch on the machine and cook.. (Water should reach the 2.5 cup line for sushi rice.)

Cut SPAM into 8 slices.

Remove the seed from avocado and cut into 8 slices.

Cut onion into thin vertical slices and let it soak in water. Squeeze out excess moisture.

Chop off the stem of a thin leek. Cut into thin strips 4-5cm(1.5-2 inches) in lengths.

Lightly pass sheet of nori seaweed over flame to make it crisp. Cut into 1cm(0.4 inch) wide strips that will be used as a belt to wrap the sushi.

Pour a little of the sweetened vinegar inside the handai (large wooden sushi bowl) and evenly spread. When rice is cooked, remove the kelp and tranfer to the handai. Evenly pour the rest of the sweetened vinegar over the rice and let it sit for 1-2 minutes to blend in. Mix rice with shamoji (flat wooden spoon) in a fast slicing motion and swiftly cool by fanning.

Lightly grease the frying pan and grill SPAM on both sides until brown. Season with pepper. Then cut the slices of SPAM vertically into half.

Use a well-wrung damp cloth to shape the into one long bar. Then cut the bar into 24 rectangular blocks (like the size of a regular sushi).

Put mayonnaise and Japanese karashi mustard as you like on each block of . Use a combination of SPAM or avocado, onion or white leek to top the rice. Then secure the sushi block with a belt of nori seaweed. Dip into soy sauce as you like.

Vegetables over Crispy Noodles

Recipe Vegetables over Crispy Noodles


Cut pork into thin slices and soak in pork marinade. Coat with potato starch.

Sprinkle salt over frozen seafood and soak in boiled water. When thawed drain well.

Cut canned bamboo shoots into bite size pieces.

Lightly boil young corn and wash with cold water.

Peel carrots and cut into rectangular slices (as in bamboo shoots).

Cut white leeks diagonally. Wash garlic sprouts, drain and cut into 3 to 4 cm(1.2-1.5 inch) long pieces.

Soak cloud ear mushroom in water until soft. Remove hard portion of stem and cut into bite size pieces.

Heat 1 tbs of oil in Chinese wok and stir fry pork strips. When brown add seafood mix and fry until shrimps turn red. Remove into separate dish.

Put 1 tbs of oil in wok; stir fry garlic sprouts. When browned add bamboo shoots, young corn, white leek and cloud ear mushrooms.

Add pork, seafood and soup stock. Simmer in low heat for 2 to 3 minutes.

Pour potato starch soaked in water. When thickened add sesame oil and mix gently.

Place crispy Chinese noodles on dish and pour vegetable, meat and seafood mixture on noodles.

Fried Onigiri Rice Balls

Recipe Fried Onigiri Rice Balls

Enjoy the flavor of Soy Sauce

Separate rice into 4 to 6 portions, wet hands and sprinkle salt, place one portion of rice and roll with hands. Tip: Put one portion in rice bowl and cover with another rice bowl. Shake it up and down to make ball then shape neatly with hands.

Step 1

Put little oil in frying pan, place onigiri rice balls and fry over low heat until browned. Coat onigiri with soy sauce and turn over; fry until brown and serve.

Step 1

Scattered Sushi (Chirashi-zushi)

Recipe Scattered Sushi (Chirashi-zushi)


Wash rice and drain in a sieve 30 minutes before cooking. Then tranfer rice to the rice cooker. Wipe to clean konbu kelp with a well-wrung damp cloth and place kelp on top of rice. Pour water following the machine’s standard measure for cooking sushi rice and cook.

Put sugar in lukewarm water and soak dried shiitake mushrooms until soft. Remove stems. Keep the water used to soak shiitake because it will be used as stock to simmer shiitake later on.

When in a hurry, place shiitake mushrooms in heatproof container. Use Saran Wrap as a drop-lid and microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Mix sweetened vinegar and chirimenjako (dried and seasoned baby sardines and anchovies).

Peel lotus root. Cut crosswise 4 thin rounds for garnishing. Chop the rest into fine pieces. Soak both the rounds and chopped pieces in water. Then parboil in hot water with a little salt and vinegar. Drain in a sieve, thoroughly remove excess water and soak in sweetened vinegar.

Peel carrot and chop into fine pieces.

Rehydrate koya-dofu (freeze-dried tofu) following the instruction on the package. When soft, press tofu between your hands to squeeze out water.

Beat eggs. Add sugar and salt. Mix together.

Soak rape shoots in water until crisp. Quickly parboil in plenty of lightly salted hot water. Immediately soak in water and cool. Squeeze out moisture and cut into 2-3cm(0.75-1.2 inch) lengths.

Simmer dried shiitake mushrooms. Put in a saucepan with rehydrated shiitake. Cook over high heat until it comes to a boil. Then simmer over low heat until most of the broth is absorbed. Let it cool. Chop into fine pieces.

Simmer koya-dofu and carrots. In a different saucepan, heat the over high heat. When it comes to a boil, place koya-dofu inside, cover with a drop-lid and simmer over low heat until little broth is left. Remove koya-dofu from the pan and put carrots inside. After it comes to a boil let it cool. Chop koya-dofu into fine pieces.

Make thin omelette strips. Thinly grease frying pan. Pour a small amount of egg mixture and spread evenly. When surface is dry, flip over. Make several thin sheets of omelette and let it cool. Pile omelette sheets together and cut into thin strips.

When rice is cooked, let steam for 10-15 minutes. Remove kelp. Thinly coat the handai (large wooden sushi bowl) with sweetened vinegar mixed with chirimenjako. Transfer rice to the handai. Evenly pour sweetened vinegar mixed with chirimenjako over the rice and let it sit for 1minute.

Mix rice in a slicing motion. Add shiitake, carrots, koya-dofu, thoroughly drained chopped lotus root. Mix lightly and evenly.

Cover a bowl or rice bowl with a sheet of cellophane and place half of the rice prepared in (5). Flatten it and evenly cover with sweet pink fish powder. Place the rest of the rice prepared in (5) and lightly press. Flip it over and let it land upside down on a dish. Remove cellophane.

Sprinkle plenty of shredded roasted nori seaweed, thin omelette strips. Top with ikura (salmon roe), lotus root slices and rape shoots. Garnish with sweet-vinegared ginger.