Miso Soup with Asari (baby-neck) Clams

Recipe Miso Soup with Asari (baby-neck) Clams


Wash asari (littleneck clams), rubbing shells against each other, then drain in sieve.

If you use asari clams with sand not yet expelled, put clams in a sieve inside a bowl with salted water as salty as seawater and let it soak for more than half a day to expel sand. Due to the space between the sieve and the bottom of the bowl, sand expelled from clams will sink to the bottom of the bowl through the meshes so that clams cannot take in the sand again.

Place dashi stock (basic stock) or water and asari clams in pot and heat over medium flame. When clams start to open, skim foam of the soup. Soften miso (soy bean paste) with some soup, add to the pot, then turn off the heat.

Add finely chopped leek and transfer to soup bowls. Sprinkle with powdered sansho pepper (prickly ash) to taste.

Since you can get good stock from asari clams, water will be sufficient to produce tasty soup without using basic stock made from katsuo (dried bonito) and konbu kelp. However, if you put konbu kelp the size of 5 sq cm(2 sq inch) in water with asari clams in pot and remove konbu just before water reaches a boil, it will enhance the flavor more than just using water alone.

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