Rice Cooked with Spring Vegetables

Recipe Rice Cooked with Spring Vegetables

Enjoy the beautiful colors of spring

Wash rice and drain.

Cut canned bamboo shoots into bite size slices.

Peel onions and julienne.

Remove stem of shiitake mushroom; separate shank and top portion; wipe off dirt. Shred shank lengthwise and julienne top portion.

Step 4

Cut pork into 1.5 cm(0.6 inch) squares and soak in seasoning ingredients. Remove pork from sauce just before cooking; keep sauce separately.

Wipe konbu seaweed with tightly squeezed cloth.

Mix omelet strip ingredients well.

Put rice and seasoning into rice cooker and add seasoned dashi broth until regular level. Add bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms, pork , konbu seaweed and turn on rice cooker.

Step 1

While rice is cooking, remove peas from pod and wash briskly in water. Boil in salted water. When ready drain in strainer.

Step 2

While rice is cooking prepare omelet strips. Put little oil in frying pan, pour in beaten eggs, spread evenly and turn over. Remove quickly and let cool. Cut into thin slices.

Step 3

When rice is cooked, leave for 10 to 15 mins. Remove konbu seaweed and mix with rice paddle. Place in dish, garnish with omelet strips and sprinkle green peas.

Step 4

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