Garlic Rice

Recipe Garlic Rice


Peel garlic. Cut lengthwise into two, remove sprout at the center, and chop into fine pieces.

Wash mushrooms, chop off the hard tip of the stem.

Cut green pepper vertically into half. Remove stem and seeds and wash with water. Chop into fine pieces.

Heat cooking oil and garlic in a Chinese frying-pan over low heat. Stir-fry slowly until brown. Add carrot and mushroom and stir-fry. Add green bell pepper and stir-fry together with the other ingredients.

Add rice into the pan and swiftly stir-fry over high heat. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in white wine, soy sauce and butter from side of the pan for a fragrant flavor. When ingredients are evenly coated with flavor, turn off heat.

Make sure you don’t take time stir-frying too slowly because that would make the rice sticky, so watch out!

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