Black Sesame Seed Pasta

Recipe Black Sesame Seed Pasta


Slice chicken filets into halves lengthwise and remove muscle. Place in microwave proof container and add salt, pepper and sake marinade. Cover with saran wrap and cook in microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 mins.

Remove stem of shimeji mushroom and split into several pieces.

Wash daikon radish sprouts, cut of stem and cut into 3 pieces.

Add ingredients to make sesame mayonnaise sauce.

Add salt to water and bring to boil. Add spaghetti when boiled, mix occasionally with chopsticks so they do not stick together. Remove from pan little shorter than boiling time indicated on spaghetti package. Add shimeji mushrooms 30 seconds before draining spaghetti.

Put spaghetti, chicken fillet (including stock) into sesame mayonnaise sauce and mix. Garnish with daikon radish sprout.

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