Pork and Vegetable Curry, Japanese-Style

Recipe Pork and Vegetable Curry, Japanese-Style


Chop pork into bite-sized pieces. Rub and coat with prior to cooking.

Peel satoimo (taros) and cut into bite-sized pieces if it’s too big. Rub with salt to remove the slime, and rinse with water.

Wash burdock roots well, rinse with water, and cut diagonally by rotating into bite-sized pieces.

Peel lotus, raddish, carrot, cut each diagonally by rotating into bite-sized pieces.

Cut onion lengthwise into 6 wedges and cut each in half widthwise.

Cut garlic in half lengthwise, remove its sprout, peel ginger, and mince garlic and ginger.

Drain burdock roots in a sieve, wet taro, lotus, raddish and carrot with water and wrap them with plastic wrap. Heat them in a microwave for 7-8 min., soak in water and drain in a sieve.

Heat butter in a frying pan over high heat, cook seasoned pork, till brown on both sides. Add red wine, bring to boil, and transfer to stewing pot.

Put stock cube and laurel and water in a stew pot, heat on high heat. Skim the scum and simmer for 5 mins. Over medium heat.

Flavor will be well used by taking it from the #2 frying pan by water and put into the stew pot.

Heat vegetable oil, garlic and ginger in #3 frying pan over medium heat, add and cook #1 vegetables and onion after garlic is fragrant. Put them in the stewing pot, cover the pot, and heat over medium heat for 12-15 min..

When vegetables are tendered, add and melt store-bought curry roux. When it’s melted completely, add soy sauce and mix them. Serve in a plate with preferred condiments to taste.

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