Tempura Bowl

Recipe Tempura Bowl


Remove shell of shrimps leaving tail. Cut tip of tail and squeeze out excess moisture. Make a slit on the back of the shrimp and remove vein. Carve stomach side diagonally with knife. Place on cutting board and press back of shrimp to straighten shrimp.

Cut off stem of shiitake mushrooms, wipe off dirt and cut into bite size pieces.

Wash each perilla leaf separately with water, drain and press lightly.

Make deep fry batter by mixing eggs, chilled water, flour and cornstarch. Mix lightly.

Batter should not be mixed well. Mix swiftly and leave lumps.

Drain grated radish in strainer and squeeze out excess water.

Bring soup/sauce ingredients to boil.

Sprinkle flour over shrimps, mushrooms, lotus roots and perilla leaves.

Briskly soak lotus roots into deep fry batter and deep fry in 170 degrees C<338 degrees Fahrenheit> oil. Remove when color changes slightly. (do not brown)

Soak other ingredients in same way in deep fry batter and fry briskly. Remove.

Put rice in large bowl, place deep fried ingredients on top. Top with grated radish, ginger and pour sauce/soup on top.

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