Oden Stew

Recipe Oden Stew


Peel daikon (raddish) thickly and slice it crosswise into rounds of 4 pieces. Run under cold water, put into the heat-resistant container. Heat the wrapped container in a microwave over for 7-8min. Rinse them in water and drain.

To boil raddish takes time, so let’s use microwave to cut time!

Peel carrot and cut it into 4 rolling wedges.

Pour hot water over atsuage (deep fried tofu), burdock fishcake roll and kinchaku (deep-fried tofu pouch stuffed with glutinous rice cake) to remove excess oil.

Make slits in a diagonal grid pattern on the surface of both sides of ita konnyaku (bar-shaped devil’s tongue jelly), and cut into bite-sized pieces. Dip in hot water to remove the smell.

Combine all ingredients in a pan , bring to a boil, put all other ingredients except for kinchaku and cover with a drop-lid. Cook over medium heat for more than 30 min., keep the sauce lightly boiling.

Add kinchaku and cook for another 10 min. Pour dashi (basic stock) when the is lessened.

Serve ingredients on a plate, sprinkle chopped leeks. Pour a little, serve with mustard and yuzu kosho (dried yuzu citron and green pepper mixed with salt)

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