SPAM Sushi

Recipe SPAM Sushi


To prepare for , wash rice and drain in a sieve. Transfer rice to the rice cooker. Wipe konbu kelp with a well-wrung damp cloth to clean. Place kelp on top of the rice. Add water following the machine’s standard amount for cooking sushi rice. Switch on the machine and cook.. (Water should reach the 2.5 cup line for sushi rice.)

Cut SPAM into 8 slices.

Remove the seed from avocado and cut into 8 slices.

Cut onion into thin vertical slices and let it soak in water. Squeeze out excess moisture.

Chop off the stem of a thin leek. Cut into thin strips 4-5cm(1.5-2 inches) in lengths.

Lightly pass sheet of nori seaweed over flame to make it crisp. Cut into 1cm(0.4 inch) wide strips that will be used as a belt to wrap the sushi.

Pour a little of the sweetened vinegar inside the handai (large wooden sushi bowl) and evenly spread. When rice is cooked, remove the kelp and tranfer to the handai. Evenly pour the rest of the sweetened vinegar over the rice and let it sit for 1-2 minutes to blend in. Mix rice with shamoji (flat wooden spoon) in a fast slicing motion and swiftly cool by fanning.

Lightly grease the frying pan and grill SPAM on both sides until brown. Season with pepper. Then cut the slices of SPAM vertically into half.

Use a well-wrung damp cloth to shape the into one long bar. Then cut the bar into 24 rectangular blocks (like the size of a regular sushi).

Put mayonnaise and Japanese karashi mustard as you like on each block of . Use a combination of SPAM or avocado, onion or white leek to top the rice. Then secure the sushi block with a belt of nori seaweed. Dip into soy sauce as you like.

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