Tri-colored Sushi Rolls

Recipe Tri-colored Sushi Rolls

Looks cute!

Drain rice and put into rice cooker. Place wiped konbu seaweed on top. Add sake and water to regular level.

Add ingredients to make square egg omelet. Put oil in frying pan and pour 1/4 beaten egg. Roll over when half cooked. Put oil in open space of frying pan and pour 1/3 of beaten eggs while pouring some under cooked egg and roll forward. Repeat same process twice. Place fried egg on bamboo mat, roll. When cooled cut into 2 to 4 pieces.

Step 2

Cut vinegar cucumbers into half lengthwise.

Add soy sauce and wasabi paste to seared tuna; mix and cut into two.

Cut 3 sheets of nori seaweed into halves.

When rice is cooked, remove konbu seaweed. Coat wooden bowl with 1 to 2 tbs of sweetened vinegar and place cooked rice inside. Pour remaining sweetened vinegar and mix gently as if slicing through. Leave to cool.

Step 1

Place cut nori seaweed on bamboo mat and place 1/10 of rice on nori except for small portion of the other end. Place omelet, vinegar cucumber and tuna and roll tight with bamboo mat. Make two.

Step 2

Mix sesame seeds into sushi rice and separate into two. Place whole sheet of nori seaweed on bamboo mat and place 1/2 of rice on top leaving other end of nori without rice. Place 1 egg sushi roll, 1 vinegar cucumber sushi roll and 1 tuna suhshi roll and roll all 3 together. Make one more with the same process.

Step 3

Cut into bite size pieces and serve with soy sauce if desired.

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