Tempura Assortment

Recipe Tempura Assortment


Shell and devein shrimp. Make shallow cuts across the underside of each shrimp and press the topside on cutting board so that they lie flat.

Remove the stem end of fresh shiitake mushroom and wipe to clean. Cut big pieces into size easy to eat.

Scrape out pumpkin seeds and pulp, and cut into 8-12 slices.

Wash mitsuba (trefoil) quickly with water and cut off the root. Then cut into 4 cm(1.5 inch) lengths.

Mix . Mix egg and ice water in a bowl, add flour, and mix lightly.

If overbeaten, the batter becomes sticky. Mix very lightly so flour remains lumpy.

Put ingredients of in small pot and bring to boil.

Drain grated daikon radish lightly on sieve.

Dust shrimp, fresh shiitake mushroom and pumpkin lightly with flour, dip them lightly in batter and deep-fry until crispy in cooking oil preheated to 160 degrees C(320 degrees Fahrenheit). Remove from oil and drain well.

Put mitsuba in a bowl and dust with flour. Add batter little by little until mitsubas can hold together. Slip 1/4 of the mixture at a time into oil. Turn over to make them crispy. Remove from oil and drain well.

Lay a sheet of dish paper (used to put the ingredients on) on the serving platter and arrange tempura. Serve with grated daikon radish and grated ginger, and dipping sauce.

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