Tuna Sashimi and Kimchi Bowl

Recipe Tuna Sashimi and Kimchi Bowl

Lightly mashed tuna sashimi flavored with chopped kimchi and sesame oil!

Take a block of raw tuna. Lightly mash into soft chunks with the dull side of a knife. Chop Chinese cabbage kimchi into fine pieces. Combine tuna and kimchi with chopped scallions, sake, soy sauce and sesame oil and mix well.

Step 1

Cut cucumber diagonally into thin slices. Then further cut into thin strips. Cut off the stem of ohba (green perilla) leaves. Then cut the leaves into half lengthwise and further into very thin strips. Soak in water, then drain and remove excess water. Wave the sheet of nori seaweed over the flame on both sides for more crispy texture, then shred.

Step 2

Put freshly cooked rice in a bowl. Scatter shredded nori and lay cucumbers and green perilla leaves over the rice. Mound the tuna and kimchi mix on top. Sprinkle with white sesame seeds. Create a small dent in the center and top it with egg yolk.

Step 3

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