Teriyaki Chicken Hamburger

Recipe Teriyaki Chicken Hamburger


Trim off the root of mushrooms for and mince roughly. Trim off the shiitake’s bottom a little, wipe with well-squeezed wet cloth, and mince.

Peel and mince ginger.

Rinse leaf lettuces in water, tear into bite-sized pieces by hands and put in cold water. When it gets crispy, drain.

Rinse tomatoes in water, remove stems, and cut it lengthwise into 8 wedges.

Put and knead ingredients of well in a bowl, add cornstarch and knead well again.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Make 4-8 oval patties out of #1. (Round shapes are cute too) Place them in the pan and brown both sides. Add and grill over high heat, occasionally turning them over until the sauce is almost all absorbed.

Put leaf lettuces on a plate and #2 on top with tomatoes.

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