Smoked Salmon and Cottage Cheese Sushi

Recipe Smoked Salmon and Cottage Cheese Sushi


Wash rice and drain in a sieve 30 minutes prior to cooking. Put washed rice in a rice cooker with konbu kelp and sake. Pour the standard amount of water for cooking sushi rice according to the measure of the ricecooker. Start cooking. When rice is cooked, take out the konbu kelp and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Cut smoked salmon slices into 5 x 1cm(2 x 0.4 inch) rectangles.

“To make :

Beat egg and a pinch of salt together. Heat frying pan over low-medium heat and lthinly coat with vegetable oil. Pour egg in to the pan and make a thin omelette. Cut out several small stars from the sheet.”

Clean handai (large wooden tub) with a well-wrung damp cloth. Spread rice in handai and sprinkle sweetened vinegar over the rice. Mix rice with a spatula by cutting across it in a fast slashing motion. Rapidly cool by fanning..

Step 1

Step 1

Place a sheet of yaki-nori (toasted nori seaweed) on makisu (bamboo rolling mat). Thinly spread evenly over the nori, while leaving 1cm(0.4 inch) empty space on the bottom and 2cm(0.75 inch) on the top of nori. Roll up the bamboo mat to let nori wrap around the sushi rice. Press lightly over the mat to evenly shape the roll.

Step 2

Cut the sushi roll prepared in step (2) into six equal pieces. Place cottage cheese and smoked salmon on top of each piece. Decorate with omelette stars.

Step 3

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