Potato Salad, Japanese-Style

Recipe Potato Salad, Japanese-Style

A new kind of potato salad with spicy yuzu citrus pepper paste.

Peel potato, cut into thin strip and soak in water.

Step 1

Cut konnyaku (konjac) into the same size as the potato.

Tear off each shungiku (garland chrysanthemum) leaf from the stem. Cut into 4 cm(1.5 inch) long.

Chop off the root of scallion. Rinse out and cut into 3-4 cm(1.2-1.5 inch) lengths. Cut the thick part near the root into 2-4 pieces lengthwise.

Mix ingredients of in bowl and blend well.

Parboil shungiku leaves quickly in ample boiling water. Soak in water to cool. Squeeze out moisture.

Step 1

Put potato and konjac into the same pot and boil. When potato starts to get translucent, take it out with konjac and soak in water to cool. Drain well.

Step 2

Put potato and konjac into the bowl while breaking them up into smaller pieces. Add shungiku and mix everything together. Add scallion and mix. Season with salt and pepper and arrange on plate.

Step 3

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