Chinese Flavored Eggplant Bowl

Recipe Chinese Flavored Eggplant Bowl


Cut off stem of eggplant and cut into 6 to 8 long pieces. Soak in water to remove scum and drain.

Step 1

Remove stem of small green peppers and cut into half diagonally.

For seasoning 1, cut white long leek and garlic into half lengthwise. Remove bud in center. Peel ginger and cut into half lengthwise, then finely chop all ingredients separately.

For seasoning 2, combine all ingredients and bring to boil. Add chicken soup and continue to simmer until chicken soup cube dissolves.

Mix seasoning 3 ingredients well.

Heat deep frying oil to 170 degrees C<338 degrees Fahrenheit>.

Place eggplants into deep fried oil until soft. Remove and drain oil.

Step 1

Heat oil in Chinese wok over high heat, add seasoning 1. When aromatic, add minced pork and mix well to separate.

Step 2

When color of minced pork changes, add deep fried eggplants, seasoning 2 and simmer for 2 to 3 mins over low heat being careful not to boil.

Step 3

Add small green peppers into seasoning 3. When all ingredients are mixed well, pour in starch water mixture. Add sesame oil and stir until glossy and aromatic. Put rice into large bowl and place eggplant mixture on top.

Step 4

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