Vinegar Rice with Toppings

Recipe Vinegar Rice with Toppings


Wash rice 30 mins. before cooking and drain. Put washed rice and water enough for making vinegar rice into rice cooker. Wipe konbu seaweed with tightly squeezed cloth and place on top of rice and turn on rice cooker.

Cut off head and tail of broiled conger eel and cut into 1 cm(0.4 inch) pieces.

Soak dried shiitake mushroom in lukewarm water until soft. Remove stem and chop.

Peel lotus root and carrots and chop.

Soak lotus root in water. Bring water to boil, add salt, little vinegar and lotus root. Boil for short time and drain. Place in sweetened vinegar.

Lightly beat eggs and add sugar and salt; beat well. Put little oil in frying pan and make thin omelets. Cool and cut into 4 cm(1.5 inch) strips (omrelet strips).

Remove strings from snow peas, boil lightly and cut diagonally.

Bring sushi vinegar to boil; cool.

Toast nori seaweed over fire and cut into thin strips with a scissor.

Put enough gravy to soak shiitake mushrooms and carrot in in pan and cook until little liquid remains. Drain well ingredients.

Steam rice for 10 to 15 minutes after cooked and remove konbu. Wipe wooden rice bowl with tightly squeezed towel and place rice. Pour sushi vinegar over rice and mix gently as if slicing through.

Add all ingredients including well squeezed lotus root into vinegar rice and mix swiftly.

Add sushi rice with ingredients into bowl, garnish with omelet strips, snow peas and conger eel.

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