Chicken Hamburger Steak, Teriyaki Sauce

Recipe Chicken Hamburger Steak, Teriyaki Sauce


: Cut off the stem of fresh shiitake mushroom a little. Wipe with a well-wrung wet cloth to clean the dust, then finely chop. Peel ginger root and chop finely.

Wash red leaf lettuce, tear into easy-to-eat sizes and soak in cold water until crisp. Then drain.

Wash tomato, remove the stalk end and cut lengthwise into 8 wedges.

Put ingredients of in a bowl and knead well. Add starch powder and further mix.

Put a bit of vegetable oil on your palm, divide the mince mix equally into 12 and make sure to get as much air out of the mix as possible by lightly throwing and catching the mix from one hand to the other as if to play catch. Then shape each mix into an oval-shaped patty. (Round shape is also cute!)

Heat vegetable oil in frying pan and grill the patties (2) until brown on both sides.

Add into the frying pan (3), cook over high heat, turning over the patty occasionally. Cook down the juices until almost all sauce is absorbed.

Spread red leaf lettuce on a serving plate and arrange chicken hamburger steak (4) on it. Garnish with tomato.

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