Potato Croquette

Recipe Potato Croquette


Peel potatoes, rinse in water, wrap each potato, and microwave for 8-10minutes until tender enough to be poked smoothly by a skewer. Peel the potaotes but hold them with a cloth if they are still hot. Then peel and mash in a bowl.

Heat butter and vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium heat. When butter starts to melt, add and cook minced onion until it gets soften, add beef until it is brown, add red wine, salt and pepper, nutmeg and mix thoroughly.

Slice cabbage into thin strips, put in running water, drain, and let stand to chill until serving.

Rinse tomatoes, remove stems and cut lengthwise into eight wedges.

Add and mix cooked ingredients well with mashed potatoes. Let it cool slightly, add and mix fresh cream, divide into eight and adjust the shape. Add fresh cream depend on the hardness of the ingredients.

Dust shaped #1with flour, beaten egg, bread crumbs. Put croquette in 170 degrees C<338 degrees Fahrenheit> preheated frying oil, and fry until it is brown crispy.

Please fry shortly to make surface crispy as inside is already cooked. Please fry 2-3 pieces each to avoid reduction of temperature.

Serve sliced cabbage and croquettes in a plate with tomatoes and preferred sauce.

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