Scallops and Cheese Tempura

Recipe Scallops and Cheese Tempura


Rinse scallop shortly in salt water and wipe the liquid.

Cut Camembert cheese lengthwise into eight wedges, sprinkle with roughly grinded pepper and flour.

Rinse Oba (green perilla) in water and drain.

Cut toasted seaweed into four.

Mix well.

Cut lemon lengthwise into four wedges.

Preheat frying oil to 170 degrees C<338 degrees Fahrenheit>.

Mix scallop and egg white in a bowl by pinching with your finger tips. Add cornstarch and mix. When ingredients are well mixed thoroughly, add and mix vegetable oil.

Dip #1 into the , place in 170 degrees C<338 degrees Fahrenheit> preheated frying oil. When the batter starts to get hard, turn over several times until brown. Take out of the pan and remove excess oil.

Put batter on one side of the toasted seaweed and put aside with the batter side up. Put batter on back side of oba (green perilla) and put on top of the toasted seaweed with the batter side up.

Dip Camembert cheese in batter and place it on top of the oba (green perilla) leaf and wrap with toasted seaweed. Dip it in the batter again and fry just like the scallops. After taking it out of the pan, remove excess oil.

Step 4

Serve #2 scallop and #4 Camembert cheese together with lemon and salt.

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