Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Recipe Shabu Shabu Hot Pot


Place water and konbu in a soup pot and let stand for 30min. to make dashi (basic stock). Place pot over heat, remove konbu just after water reaches a boil, and add sake and salt. Adjust the quantity of water depend on the size of the pot.

Cut Chinese cabbage leaves roughly into pieces, slice stalk parts thinly.

Trim off the roots of aona green vegetable. (This time we used mizuna potherb.) Rinse in water and cut into 4cm(1.5 inch) lengthwise.

Rinse leeks in water and cut diagonally into 1cm(0.4 inch) lengths.
Slice carrots crosswise into 5mm(0.2 inch) thick rounds and cut into shapes you like with a cookie cutter. If not, peel carrots before slicing.

Remove roots from shiitake mushroom and wipe with well twisted wet paper towel. Cut and separate stems from caps. Cut stems in half lengthwise, caps in decorative cut.

Remove stems from enoki mushroom and separate into bite-sized clusters.

Rinse soaked kuzukiri (strips of jellied kudzu starch) in running water in a sieve and drain. As for dried kuzukiri noodles, soften it by following the instruction of the bag.

Prepare . Remove stems and seeds from red chili pepper. Peel raddish, make 2-3 holes with chopsticks, insert red chili pepper into the holes and grate the raddish starting from the side the chili pepper was inserted.

If it’s too moisture, please drain in a sieve.

Bring #1 dashi to boil, swish each slice of beef in the dashi. Better to taste with lightly cooked. Enjoy meal by dipping in or and condiments.

Step 1

Put other ingredients to the pot, heat shortly and enjoy meal by dipping in sauces.

Please skim the scum if it’s too much.

Mix both and

Use basic stock soup of the pot for the basic stock soup of sesame sauce. Cut beef into preferred piece just before serving.

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