Rolled Omelette with Spinach

Recipe Rolled Omelette with Spinach


Rinse spinach in water, boil shortly in plenty of hot water and put in water. Drain well and cut into 1cm(0.4 inch) lengths.

Step 1

Beat eggs, add and spinach and mix well.

Heat tamagoyakiki (square frying pan) over medium heat, put vegetable oil lightly, pour 1/3 amount of beaten eggs and spread thoroughly in the pan. When egg is half done, roll it from far side to near side and gather the roll to far side.

Step 1

Put vegetable oil slightly over the pan, pour half of the remaining beaten eggs in the pan, also under the rolls by holding it up with cooking chopsticks.

Step 2

As egg is half done, roll the egg as the same, repeat it again, and adjust the shape by rolling with bamboo rolling mat. As it gets cool, cut into bite-sized pieces and serve in a plate with sweet-vinegared ginger.

Step 3

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