Japanese-Style Mashed Potato

Recipe Japanese-Style Mashed Potato

It’s worth making the sauce with nori tsukudani preserves (nori seaweed simmered in soy sauce, mirin and sugar.)

Wash potato well with its skin on. Loosely cover the wet potato with plastic wrap and microwave for 7 minutes. Turn upside down and heat for 3-4 minutes more. When bamboo skewer can be poked easily, peel the skin using a towel to hold the potato. Put peeled potato in bowl and mash with masher while potato is still hot. Cooking time is for 600 watt microwave.

Step 1

Chop off the stem of ooba leaves (perilla), cut into thin strips, soak in water and then squeeze out the moisture.

Mix ingredients of . (nori tsukudani is nori seaweed preserves with salty-sweet flavor)

Add butter to mashed potato and mix. Arrange on plate, pour over it and garnish with ooba leaves.

Step 1

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