Fried Noodles, Teriyaki Flavor

Recipe Fried Noodles, Teriyaki Flavor

It’s teriyaki flavored fried noodles, sukiyaki-style.

Cut beef into half or 1/3 evenly. Cut onion 1cm(0.4 inch) lengthwise. Remove root from shiitake, rinse in water, drain, separate stems from caps, cut stems in half lengthwise, cut caps into 3-4 pieces. Trim off the root of enoki, separate into bite-sized pieces. Trim off the root of Kujo negi (Kujo leeks), rinse in water, cut diagonally. Trim off the root and hard stems of kikuna, cut into bite-sized lengths.

Step 1

Heat beef fat in a frying pan, when oil comes out, spread and put beefs in the pan, sprinkle with seven-spice pepper, sugar, soy sauce cook them as roasting, and take them out once.

Step 2

Put sake in the same pan, add and cook onion, shiitake and enoki. When onions are transparent, add kikuna and cook until the whole are tendered. Add Chinese noodles, return #2 beefs to the pan, mix and serve in a plate.

Step 3

Beat eggs and enjoy the meal with dipping #3.

Step 4

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