Snowman Sushi

Recipe Snowman Sushi


Wash rice and drain in a sieve more than 30 minutes before cooking, then transer to the rice cooker. Place konbu kelp and sake. Add water following the machine’s standard measure for cooking sushi rice. Switch it on. When cooked, remove the kelp and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Cut prosciutto or uncured ham into thin strips.

Slice each ball of mini mozzarella cheese into half.

Wipe handai (large wooden sushi bowl) with a well-wrung damp cloth. Transfer hot rice to the handai and evenly pour sweetened vinegar over it. Mix rice with a flat wooden spoon by cutting across it in a fast slashing motion. Spread rice flat in the bowl and swiftly cool it by fanning.

Step 1

Step 1

Place a sheet of nori seaweed on the makisu (bamboo rolling mat). Thinly spread one fourth of the over the nori seaweed while leaving 1cm space empty on the bottom and 2cm(0.75 inch) on the top. Then roll up the mat, wrapping the rice inside the nori seaweed. Lightly press over the mat to evenly shape the roll.

Step 2

Cut the sushi roll into 6 pieces. Lay each piece flat. Scatter ham strips over the top. Place two pieces of mozzarella cheese over it with the rounded side facing up like a snowman. Draw the face and decorate with shredded roasted nori seaweed, black sesame seeds, red food coloring and thin egg omelette.

Step 3

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