Scallops Rice

Recipe Scallops Rice

You can also enjoy it as ochazuke soaking it in hot green tea.

Wash rice and drain in a sieve more than 30 minutes before cooking.

Peel fresh ginger and cut into fine strips. Soak in water and immediately drain.

Soak dried scallops in hot water to soften. Then lightly tear them apart into smaller pieces. Keep scallops in the water which will both be used to cook rice later.

Step 3

Place rinsed rice into rice cooker with sake, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), salt, and scallops along with the water it was soaked in. Pour water following the machine’s standard measure for cooking regular rice.

Step 1

Add fresh ginger strips and mix lightly. Switch the machine on. When cooked, let stand for 10 minutes. Lightly mix and let excess moisture out. Serve in a rice bowl..

Step 2

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