Green Peas Onigiri Rice Ball

Recipe Green Peas Onigiri Rice Ball

Remove peas from shell and sprinkle salt over them. Mix regular rice and glutinous rice, wash and drain 30 mins prior to cooking.

Step 1

Bring peas to boil in salted water being careful not to over boil.

Step 2

Put combined rice into rice cooker, add ingredients and water to regular level. Add green peas and place wiped konbu seaweed on top. Turn on rice cooker.

Step 3

Cut bamboo shoots into bite size pieces and place into boiling seasoned dashi broth. Continue to boil over low heat for 3 to 4 mins. and let cool.

Step 4

When rice is cooked, remove konbu seaweed and leave for 10 mins. Make a space between rice and rice cooker with a rice paddle. Lift up rice and mix gently until fluffy.

Step 5

Wet hands with water and sprinkle salt. Scoop rice and peas and mold into round onigiri rice balls. Squeeze excess water from bamboo shoots and roll with rice. Coat with nori seaweed.

Step 6

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