Turnip Salad

Recipe Turnip Salad


Trim leaves off from kabu (turnip), peel thickly, cut in half top to down and then slice thinly crosswise. Boil leaves of kabu (turnip) in salted hot water (separate from the seasoning salt ), drain well and cut into 2cm(0.75 inch) lengths.

Boiled kabu leaves will be useful by freezing it. Chopped leaves can be used for the ingredients floating on a soup, 4-5cm(1.5-2 inch) lengths pieces for adding color to simmer foods or the shallow-fried cook. If you wrap each small portion and freeze, you can use them any time you need.

Rinse apples with peel on well and cut lengthwise into 4 wedges, remove cores, and slice thinly. (If the wax on the skin is too strong, rub with salt to remove it before rinse.

Cut thin sliced ham in half.

Mix well.

Serve vegetables and thin sliced ham on a plate, pour just before serving.

Keep it in refrigerator by just before serving make it more crispy and tasty

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