Octopus Tempura, Shiso Flavor

Recipe Octopus Tempura, Shiso Flavor

Enjoy the freshly deep-fried crispy tempura!

Slice boiled octopus tentacles diagonally to bite-sized pieces.

Step 1

Slice onion top to down into 5mm(0.2 inch).

Trim stems of shimeji and separate into small clusters.

Trim stems of Oba (green perilla) and cut in half lengthwise, cut into rough pieces, soak in water and drain.

Fill a frying pan 2-3 cm(0.75-1.2 inch) deep with oil and preheat to 170 degrees C(338 degrees Fahrenheit).

Beat eggs of in a bowl, add flour and yukari (minced salted and dried red perilla leaves) and stir lightly.

Step 1

Add boiled octopus arms, onion, shimeji and oba to #1 and mix. Put a bite-sized amount of mixture into frying-oil and fry lightly. Remove excess oil and serve on a plate.

Step 2

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