Chicken Pilaf Cooked in Rice Cooker

Recipe Chicken Pilaf  Cooked in Rice Cooker


Wash rice and drain in strainer.

Finely chop onions.

Cut chicken into 1.5 cm(0.6 inch) squares.

Step 3

Drain canned mushrooms well in strainer.

Cut stem portion of snap beans and bring to boil in salted water; drain. When cooled cut into 1 cm(0.4 inch) slices.

Heat 10 g(0.35 ounce) of butter over medium heat. When butter melts fry washed rice. When rice becomes transparent transfer to rice cooker. Add seasoning and water to regular level and mix.

Step 1

Add remaining 10 g(0.35 ounce) of butter to frying pan and stir fry long white leeks over medium heat. Add chicken, drained mushrooms, salt and pepper; transfer rice mixture into rice cooker bowl and turn on switch.

Step 2

When rice is cooked, leave for 10 to 15 mins. Mix rice to let off excess moisture and add snap beans. Add ketchup if desired.

Step 3

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