Pork Dumplings Hot Pot

Recipe Pork Dumplings Hot Pot


To prepare the , shell and devein shrimps. Wash shrimps well and chop finely with a knife. Trim off the hard tip of the stem of fresh shiitake mushrooms and chop into fine pieces. Mix chopped shrimps, minced pork, chopped shiitake mushroom, chopped leek in a bowl and knead until sticky. Add salt, pepper and cornstarch, and further knead.

To prepare the , chop cabbage into fine pieces. Knead with salt until soft and moist. Squeeze out water and mix with minced pork. Knead until sticky. Add cornstarch and further knead.

Remove core from the lettuce and peel the leaves. Wash leaves and shake off water.

Peel carrot and daikon radish. Thinly slice, soak in water and drain in a sieve.

Mix ingredients for the .

Bring the to a boil and heat the alcohol content out.

“Put the filling in the middle of gyoza (Chinese-style dumplings) wrapper and use your finger to wet the outer rim of one side of the wrapper. Fold the wrapper over in half and seal it firmly without allowing any air to enter.

Put dumplings in boiling soup. When they start floating to the surface, simmer briefly. Eat them with the dipping sauce.”

Cook the vegetables in the soup together with the dumplings and eat with a dipping sauce.

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