Egg & Chicken Bowl

Recipe Egg & Chicken Bowl


Lightly mix 4 eggs and 2ggs separately.

Cut chicken into bite size pieces.

Slice onions into 1 cm(0.4 inch) strips; then cut into halves.

Peel carrot and cut lengthwise into 2 to 4 slices; then cut into crescent shapes

Wash burdock with scrub brush in running water; slice into a?a?a??a??; soak in water to remove scum.

Remove hard portion of stem of fresh shiitake mushroom; Cut stem and top portion. Cut stem lengthwise and slice top portion.

Cut off stem of scallion and slice diagonally. Soak in water.

Bring seasoned dashi broth to boil; add chicken, onions, carrot, burdock, mushroom and simmer in medium heat until ingredients become soft.

Add scallions spreading them evenly.

Pour mixed eggs in circles and mix gently with chopsticks. When eggs are half cooked pour remaining eggs around the pan. Turn off heat and cover pan with lid. Leave for 1 minute.

Put rice into large bowl and place chicken and egg over. Sprinkle seasoned red chili pepper or Japanese pepper. Serve with pickles on separate dish.

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