Scattered Salmon Sushi

Recipe Scattered Salmon Sushi

Simple! Use ready-made Salmon Flakes

Cut myoga ginger into 2 slices lengthwise then cut into diagonal slices. Lightly boil myoga ginger and cool in bowl of cold water. Squeeze water and put into sweetened vinegar and squeezed lemon juice.

Cut off both ends of cucumber and slice in rounds. Rub in pinch of salt and leave for 10 mins. Squeeze off moisture.

To make omelet strips, lightly beat eggs and add salt.

Spread sweetened vinegar evenly in wooden bowl with hands and place cooked rice inside. Remove myoga ginger from vinegar and lemon marinade. Pour remaining sweetened vinegar on rice and mix gently with rice paddle as if slicing through. Leave to cool rice.

When rice is cooled, mix in myoga ginger cucumbers, white sesame seeds and salmon flakes.

To make omelet strips, heat frying pan on medium heat. Add little oil and pour in beaten egg to make thin omelet. Cut into 4-5cm(1.5-2 inch) long slices.

Place scattered sushi on dish and garnish with strips of nori seaweed and omelet strips.

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