Chicken Teriyaki Ginger Flavor

Recipe Chicken Teriyaki Ginger Flavor

We added a ginger flavor to teriyaki that everybody loves.

Chop the skin of chicken thighs with the tip of fork or knife, rub the and leave it for 15 min.

Step 1

Slice lettuce into thin strips, soak in water and drain in a sieve.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium heat, put chicken with skin side down until it is brown, turn over, cover the pan, reduce the heat and cook the chicken well.

Step 1

Remove excess oil of the and fry after rubbing them. When cooked, cut them into bite-sized pieces, put on the lettuce on the plate, put grated raddish on top and sprinkle with chopped leeks. Pour the sauce if there is any left.

Step 2

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