Thin Sushi Rolls

Recipe Thin Sushi Rolls


Wash rice 30 mins before cooking, drain. Wipe konbu seaweed with tightly squeezed towel. Put washed rice into rice cooker, add water until line indicating “sushi rice” and place konbu seaweed on top.

Bring sushi vinegar to boil and cool.

Place 2 nori seaweed together and burn both sides lightly over fire, cut into 2 halves.

Cut cucumbers 3 to 4 mm(0.1-0.15 inch) diagonally, then julienne.

Chop tuna and mix scallion.

Peel thin skin of Alaska Pollack roe and remove inside. Peel Chinese yam, wipe off moisture and julienne. Cut off stem of perilla leaf and cut into half lengthwise.

Remove crab flavored fish paste roll from package. Cut stem of Japanese wild chervil; soak briefly in hot water and chill with cold water.; dry well.

When rice is cooked, remove konbu seaweed and place rice in wooden bowl. Spread 1.5 tbs of sushi vinegar around wooden bowl. Place cooked rice in wooden bowl and pour remaining sushi vinegar onto rice. Let cool for 1 min. Mix rice gently as if slicing through with a rice paddle. Use a paper fan to cool rice down immediately.

Place nori seaweed on bamboo mat and place 1/6 of vinegar sushi rice on top gently and coat over seaweed leaving a section on the other side with no rice.

Place wasabi and 1/4 of cucumber on sushi rice. Roll sushi tightly with a bamboo mat for rolling sushi. Make 4 rolls.

Make small sushi rolls in same way with tuna and scallion, Alaska Pollack roe and crab flavored fish paste roll. Cut into bite sized pieces and serve with vinegar ginger.

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