Plum Rolled Sushi

Recipe Plum Rolled Sushi


Wash rice and drain in strainer at least 30 mins. before cooking. Put into bowl of rice cooker and add sake and water to sushi rice level. Place a konbu seaweed on top and turn on rice cooker. When cooked, leave for 15 mins.

Combine sushi vinegar ingredients and bring to boil.

Dip trefoil into boiling water, remove and soak in cold water. Remove and squeeze. Cut into two.

Cut nori seaweed into two and cut three sheets into 1/4 size pieces.

Fried nori seaweed should be 21cm x 18 to 19 cm(8.25 inch x 7-7.5 inch). Place longer side towards you and cut off shorter side.

Add ingredients for square omelet and beat well. Put little salad oil into square frying pan and pour in little egg mixture. Make one thin omelet and cut into strips and roll with nori seaweed.

Wipe large wooden bowl with tightly squeezed cloth and place cooked rice. Pour in sushi vinegar and toss gently as if slicing through.

Place 150g(5 1/2 ounces) of sushi rice into bowl for making petals of white plum sushi roll and separate into 30g(1 ounce) portions. Place 595g(21 ounces) of sushi rice for the petals of the red plum sushi roll and the outer part of the white plum sushi roll and mix in sweet pink fish powder. Then separate 150g of sushi rice into 30g portions.

Place 1/4 piece of nori seaweed on bamboo mat and spread 30g(1 ounce) of sushi rice (petals for white plum sushi roll). Make 5 rolls for petals of white and red plum sushi roll.

To make white plum sushi roll, place bamboo mat on hand and place 2 white plum sushi rolls and omelet in between. Carefully place 3 white plum rolls and roll all together in bamboo mat.

When shape is formed well, add trefoil in between white plum roll and roll again. Shape.

Stick 1 and 1/4 sheets of nori seaweed together using little rice as paste. Place 450g(16 ounces) of sweet pink fish powder mixed rice on joined nori seaweed leaving for 1.5 to 2cm(0.6-0.75 inch) on both ends empty.

Place white plum sushi roll on and roll tightly making the white plum sushi roll the core of the entire roll. Make red plum sushi roll in the same way. The rice for the red plum sushi roll should be plain rice (white in color).

Moisten knife with wet cloth and cut rolls into half. Moisten knife again and cut roll into 8 pieces. Serve on dish.

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