Minced Chicken and Egg Sushi Roll

Recipe Minced Chicken and Egg Sushi Roll

The minced chicken rice is already flavorful so there is no need to dip in sauce.

Place ground chicken in a saucepan with ingredients for the and mix well. Cook over low medium heat while stirring with 4-5 saibashi (long cooking chopsticks). When color of chicken changes, add the and further stir until sauce is mostly absorbed.

Step 1

Beat eggs and combine all the ingredients for the and mix well. Lightly grease the square omelette pan. Pour in 1/3 of the egg mixture. While stirring with chopsticks, slide it toward the far end of the pan. Grease empty space in the pan. Pour in half of the remaining egg mixture also below the cooked egg on the far end. Then roll egg toward front of the pan. Slide the roll to the far end of the pan. Repeat with the remaining egg mixture making a bigger roll. When done, place the rolled omelette on a makisu (bamboo rolling mat). Roll to shape evenly. Let it cool and cut vertically into four strips.

Cut cucumber diagonally into 3-4mm(0.1-0.15 inch) slices. Then further cut into thin strips.

Mix rice with minced chicken.

Step 1

Place a sheet of nori seaweed over makisu (bamboo rolling mat) with the shiny side facing down. Take 1/4 portion of minced chicken rice and evenly spread over nori seaweed leaving 3cm(1.2 inch) wide space empty on the far end.

Step 2

Place 1/4 of denbu (sweet pink fish powder), a strip of rolled omelette and cucumber on top of the rice toward the closer end.

Step 3

While holding the ingredients in place with your fingers, roll up the makisu mat all the way. Hold the roll with both hands over the makisu mat and shape evenly. Make three more rolls in the same way.

Step 4

Cut the roll into slices easy to eat and arrange on serving plate.

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