Clear Soup with Oysters

Recipe Clear Soup with Oysters

Oysters, called the “milk from the ocean,”are so rich with nutrition!

Place oyster in bowl. Add grated daikon radish separate from the amount shown in the recipe. Wash oyster by rubbing lightly with grated daikon radish, soak briefly in water and drain. If you don’t have grated daikon radish, place oyster in a sieve, put it in a bowl of water and wash by shaking the sieve in the water. Drain and place on a sheet of kitchen roll.

Step 1

Drain tofu and cut into a size easy to eat.

Place dashi stock (basic stock) and in pot and bring to boil over high heat.

Step 1

Coat oyster with starch powder and add to (1) with tofu. Add ginger juice and finely chopped leek just before boiling and remove from heat, and serve in bowl.

Step 2

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