Do-it-yourself Sushi Rolls

Recipe Do-it-yourself Sushi Rolls

Roll your favorite sushi

Wash rice and drain. Pour water to little less than regular level. Wipe konbu seaweed with tightly squeezed cloth and place on top of rice. Turn on rice cooker.

Combine sushi vinegar ingredients in pan and bring to boil; cool.

Cut tuna into size easy to roll.

Step 3

Cut Alaska Pollack roe diagonally. If cooked is preferred fry lightly and cut diagonally. If it falls apart break up and mix with mayonnaise.

Mix ingredients for fried omelets. Heat square pan over medium heat and pour little oil. Pour egg mixture in and roll over from other end. Lower heat and fry until cooked well. Place omelet on bamboo mat and roll. Let cool. When cool cut into sizes easy to roll with nori seaweed.

Cut off both ends of cucumber and cut into size easy to roll.

Split avocado into half by cutting avocado around seed. Place in between both palms, press and twist around. Remove seed with tip of knife. Peel avocado and cut into sticks. Chop natto fermented soy beans and add chopped scallions. Drain can of tuna.

Cut off stem of daikon radish sprouts or sprouts and wash briskly.

Heat nori seaweed directly over fire to make crispy and cut into 4 pieces.

Cut off stem of perilla leaves.

Wipe wooden bowl with tightly squeezed cloth and place cooked rice (remove konbu seaweed). Separate rice into 4 portions by making cross with rice paddle. Pour sushi vinegar and leave for 1 min. Mix rice gently as if slicing through. Spread rice around the wooden bowl and swiftly cool rice with a paper fan.

Step 1

Place all ingredients and vinegar rice separately on dish. Place vinegar sushi rice on seaweed or lettuce leaf, add white sesame seeds, wasabi paste, mayonnaise, and other desired ingredients. Roll with hand.

Step 2

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