Sushi Roll Assortment

Recipe Sushi Roll Assortment


Wash rice and drain in a sieve more than 30 minutes before cooking. Transfer rinsed rice to rice cooker and place konbu kelp on top. Add sake and pour water following the machine’s standard measure for cooking sushi rice. Switch on the rice cooker. When rice is cooked, remove the kelp, and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Combine ingredients for in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and let it sit to cool.

To prepare the , mix eggs with other ingredients. Cut sausage according to the width of the omelette pan. An 18 cm(7 inches) omelette pan is used this time. If sausage is short, use 4 or 5 of them.

Chop the root of mitsuba trefoil, quickly parboil in lightly salted hot water. Take it out and rinse in cold water. When cool, wring to remove excess moisture.

Spread 2 tablespoons of in handai (large wooden sushi bowl). Place hot rice in handai and pour the rest of the over rice. Mix rice by cutting across it in a fast slashing motion using shamoji, a flat wooden spoon. Spread rice flat in the bowl and let it rapidly cool by fanning. Cover it with a well-wrung wet cloth so it will not dry.

Step 1

Prepare the . Coat a square omelette pan with cooking oil. Pour half of the portion of egg mixture and spread evenly. Place the sausage on the far end of the pan, roll egg toward the front wrapping the sausage. When done, if available, use makisu (bamboo rolling mat) to shape evenly. Make 2 rolls.

Step 2

To prepare the , cut green asparagus in the same length as the width of toasted nori seaweed. Chop the tough ends and thinly peel the stiff external skin with a peeler. Spread beef slices, season with salt and pepper, thinly sprinkle flour and place the asparagus on top. Roll beef slices around asparagus as a core. Melt butter in a frying pan, brown the rolls, add ingredients for the and coat evenly in the pan.

Step 3

Spread 1/3 of sushi rice on a sheet of uncut nori seaweed, but leave empty 1 cm wide space on the side closest to you and 2 to 3 cm(1.2 inch) wide space on the side away from you. Place two rolls of and 1/2 portion of boiled mitsuba in the center and roll. Use makisu (bamboo rolling mat) to shape evenly.

Step 4

Divide the remaining sushi rice into four portions, and in the same manner as before, spread rice on the four sheets of nori seaweed that were earlier cut into 2/3 of its width. Then take the other 1/3 wide sheets of nori and place them in the center over the rice. On top of this second layer of nori, place cod roe and mitsuba for two of them, and for the remaining two. Then roll.

Step 5

Cut sushi rolls in desirable sizes and arrange on serving plate.

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