Daikon Radish and Wakame Seaweed Salad

Recipe Daikon Radish and Wakame Seaweed Salad

Healthy salad good for those on weight control.

Peel daikon radish and cut lengthwise into 4 pieces and then slice crosswise into thin quarter-rounds. Season with salt not included in the amount shown in the recipe. When it becomes slightly tender, quickly rinse out and squeeze out water.

Step 1

Chop off the roots of kaiwarena (white daikon radish sprouts), and wash with water. Cut into 3 in equal length.

Reconstitute wakame seaweed in water until it softens. Squeeze out water. Cut into rough strips if it is long.

Wash apple with its skin on and remove core. Slice into quarter-rounds.

Remove kernel of umeboshi (pickled plum) of the and chop finely. Then mix with other ingredients of .

Arrange daikon, wakame and apple on plate and pour over. Sprinkle with kaiwarena.

Step 1

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