Vegetable Risotto

Recipe Vegetable Risotto

Put cooked rice in a sieve and rinse in hot water to remove sliminess, then drain. Chop ito-konnyaku (devil’s tongue noodles) into small pieces, boil in plenty of water for 1 minute and drain in a sieve. Wash with cold water and drain again.

Step 1

Cut eringi (king oyster) mushroom lengthwise into threes or fours, then cut into rectangles. Chop off the root of enoki mushroom and lightly wash in water. Shake off water and cut into 1cm(0.4 inch) lengths. Chop off the hard tip of the stem of shiitake mushroom and wash lightly. Wipe off extra moisture. Thinly slice the cap, and tear the stem lengthwise into strips. Peel carrot and daikon radish, and roughly cut into small bite-size pieces. Crack and beat eggs in a bowl.

Place , carrots and radish in a pot and cook over medium heat. When it comes to a boil, add eringi, enoki, shiitake mushrooms, and let it boil lightly. Then add rice and devil’s tongue noodles.

When it reaches a boil again, add whitebait. When it starts to bubble, sprinkle chopped mitsuba (trefoil) and swirl in beaten egg. Sprinkle salt and pepper as you like.

Step 4

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