Miso Soup with Pumpkins

Recipe Miso Soup with Pumpkins


Scrape out pumpkin seeds and pulp. Peel leaving some skin on it and cut into a size easy to eat. (The pumpkin used in the picture is yukigesho pumpkin: the skin is lightly white in color.)

Cut onion into thin slices.

Reconstitute fu (wheat-gluten bread) and dried wakame seaweed in water respectively to soften and squeeze out moisture.

Place dashi stock (basic stock) and pumpkin in pot and cook over medium heat. When it brings to boil, add sliced onion and cook for 5-6 minutes.

When pumpkin becomes soft enough to be poked easily with bamboo skewer, soften miso (soy bean paste) with some soup and add to the pot. Add gluten bread, wakame seaweed and chopped leek and turn off the heat. Serve in a bowl.

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