Rice Cooked with Vegetables

Recipe Rice Cooked with Vegetables


Wash rice and glutinous rice together; drain.

Cut chicken into thin slices.

Wash burdock well in running water with scrub brush and cut into slices like shaving a pencil. Soak in water to remove scum. When water turns brown drain once and add fresh water.

Chop block of konjac, soak in boiling water and drain.

Pour boiling water over deep fried tofu squares to remove excess oil and cut into thin slices.

Remove stem of snap beans, bring to boil in salted water and soak in water to cool. When cooled drain and cut into 1 cm(0.4 inch) sizes.

Put rice mixture into rice cooker, add seasonings, dashi soup stock until desired level of rice cooker. Add chicken, drained burdock, carrots, konjac, deep fried tofu squares and turn on rice cooker.

When cooked, leave rice in cooker for 10 to 15 mins. Mix gently with rice paddle to remove extra moisture; add snap beans.

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