Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms

Recipe Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms


Cut off the stem of fresh shiitake mushroom and wipe the cap to clean.

If the shiitake mushroom has a firm stem, after wiping off to clean, you can preserve them in the refrigerator or chop them finely and freeze in the freezer. They can be used later as an ingredient for soups and fried rice.

Cut avocado vertically with kitchen knife around the seed. Hold with both hands and twist both sides apart. Remove seed with knife edge.

Cut butter into 8 equal pieces.

Preheat the cooking grill well and arrange fresh shiitake mushroom caps on the grill with the inner side facing down. When they soften a little, turn over and place butter on top of the inner side of the cap.

:Remove seeds of umeboshi (pickled plums). Finely chop both umeboshi and avocado. Then mix well with sugar and soy sauce.

Arrange shiitake mushrooms on a plate with the inner side of the cap facing up. Put on top.

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