Udon Noodles with Deep-Fried Tofu Strips

Recipe Udon Noodles with Deep-Fried Tofu Strips

“To make :

Lightly rince konbu kelp to clean. Put kelp and water in a pot and place on medium heat. Just before it boils, remove konbu kelp.”

While keeping medium heat, add dried bonito flakes and seasonings for the broth. When it reaches a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 1 minute being careful not to let it boil. Let it sit until the bonito flakes sink to the bottom of the pot. Strain the broth through a sieve using kitchen paper or filter cloth, then put it back into the pot. 200ml(0.8 cup) of the broth should be set aside in a different pot to later simmer aburaage and scallions..

Rinse aburaage (deep-fried sliced tofu) with boiling water to drain excess oil, then cut into thin strips. Wash green scallions and cut diagonally into narrow strips.

Boil dashi broth that was strained earlier and add one ball of thin udon noodles. When it boils again, take out the noodles and place in a warmed serving bowl.

Put aburaage in the 200ml(0.8 cup) dashi broth that has been set aside and heat. Once it reaches a boil, simmer for 1-2 minutes and add scallions.

When scallions are soft, place the aburaage and scallions on top of the udon in the bowl. Combine the dashi broth used for simmering scallions with dashi broth for udon and let it boil. Then pour the broth over the udon in the bowl.

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