Sushi Roll Topped with Broth Jelly

Recipe Sushi Roll Topped with Broth Jelly


Wash rice and drain in a sieve 30 minutes prior to cooking. Put the rice in a rice cooker with konbu kelp and sake. Pour the standard amount of water for cooking sushi rice according to the machine’s measure. Start cooking. When rice is cooked, remove the kelp and let steam for 15 minutes.

Microwave cod roe and break into small pieces when cooked.

Remove cap and seeds from red bell pepper. Cut out into your preferred shape using a cookie cutter. We used a heart shape this time.

“To make :

Soak powdered gelatin in 50ml(0.2 cup) dashi broth to soften. Place in a pan and heat. Once it boils, turn off the heat and add the softened gelatin to dissolve in the hot broth. Soak the bottom of the pan in ice water. Stir the broth occasionally and let it cool until slightly thick. Pour the broth into a wet baking pan and chill in the fridge for over 40 minutes. When it sets, make fine lines on the surface with a fork and mix with cod roe. “

Clean handai (large wooden tub) with a well-wrung damp cloth. Spread the rice in the handai, sprinkle sweetened vinegar over the rice, and mix by cutting across it in a fast slashing motion. Rapidly cool by fanning.

Step 1

Step 1

Place a sheet of yaki-nori (toasted nori seaweed) on a bamboo rolling mat. Thinly spread evenly over the nori, while leaving 1cm(0.4 inch) empty space on the bottom and 2cm(0.75 inch) on the top of the nori sheet. Roll up the bamboo mat and wrap nori around sushi rice. Press lightly over the mat to evenly shape the roll.

Step 2

“Cut the roll prepared in step (2) into six equal pieces. Top with and heart-shaped red bell pepper.

Cool the jelly until just before serving as it will easily lose its shape with time.”

Step 3

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