Egg and Corn Potage Soup

Recipe Egg and Corn Potage Soup

Creamy corn creates a very mild flavor, garnished with tasty green-seaweed flakes.

Cut off the hard tip of the stem from shiitake mushrooms and wipe dust off caps. Separate the stems and caps. Tear the stem into narrow strips and thinly slice the caps.

Step 1

Separate cauliflower into smaller clusters and wash with water. While still wet, put in a microwave-safe bowl, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and microwave at 600W for 1-2 minutes.

Beat egg in a bowl.

Place canned cream corn, shiitake mushroom, cauliflower, dashi broth, sake and salt in a soup pot. Cook over high heat.

Step 1

Once it starts bubbling, pour in egg while stirring with chopsticks. Season with pepper. Pour the soup in a bowl and sprinkle aonori (green-seaweed flakes).

Step 2

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